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  Regulations as of 8/1/10-7/31/11

Check out The NC Wildlife Commission for all state regulations, updates and records.

Be sure you are familiar with the law before you go!!.....(we do not endorse non-compliance!).



Check out the highlights from the 2011 Blue Marlin Tournament@ .  Former TarHeel hoops star Travis Stephenson lands a 652 lb. Blue Marlin which yields a prize of over $500k.

Got bait??

Catawba Worms are harvested each year and are the preferred bait of  NC Catfish!

They are as good frozen, as they are fresh off the tree. Catalpa Worms come from the Catalpa tree mostly in the southern regions of the country. These worms infest the tree and eat the leaves several times a year. Some people consider them as pests to the environment, but fisherman will search far and wide to get these prize catfish attractors.  If anyone tells you they don't work, they aren't fishing with them properly or there aren't any fish there.

Catfish have over 140 taste and smell receptors, when Bass only a few dozen. It's the scent of the juices from the catalpa that make them so appealing to Catfish. The great thing about Catalpa's is that they can be frozen and used when needed. The Catalpa keeps it's freshness even in a frozen state. When their cut and fished on the bottom catfish go into a feeding frenzy. So stock your freezer up with some of the best cat fishing bait around. One of the biggest misconceptions is that people think of the catalpa as a worm instead of bait. Catfish eat what tastes good, not what wiggles.

The Catalpa tastes good to the catfish and that's why they work. So if your ordering them frozen, don't expect them to come back to life, treat them as if they are a dough bait and they will catch catfish, if you follow the correct way to fish with them.

Fishing with Catawba Worms:
Setup your pole for bottom fishing
Defrost the catalpa completely
Cut the Catalpa's head off and turn the worm inside-out using a match or wooden twig
Cut in Half to increase the usage
Thread the catalpa onto the hook with the Catalpa Juice on the outside of the hook. Make sure you fish on the bottom of the lake or river to increase your chances since catfish are notorious bottom feeders.

Ask us how they can be delivered fresh to your favorite bait and tackle shop each June or get them shipped to you frozen throughout the year!  Sign up to be a wholesale distributor and receive links from our site to yours.


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